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Yup, I'm 7 months out and still have not decided on a dress. My top choices are below. They are all completely different but I love how each of them looks on me. The last one kind of goes best with the overall look and feel of the wedding and I think I like it the most. 
Maggie Sottero, Jenna
Essence of Australia

The Dress of my Dreams 

When I first tried this dress on at Bellissima in Coral Gables, it was after a full day up and down Miracle Mile. I had 4 appointments that day plus just browsed though the dresses at 3 other stores. I probably tried on about 30 dresses that day by the time I got to this one. I was tired, mentally exhausted, and confused. I put the dress on, walked out and my mom says "Oh my god! That's the one." She then proceeded to beg me (she actually got to her knees lol) to get the dress because it was perfect. I was too tired. I thought the dress was pretty but at that point, I wasn't even seeing dresses in the mirror anymore, just shades of white material.
Later that week, we went to one more bridal store and made a couple appointments for that following Saturday. The first appointment was back to Bellissima to try the dress on again with a fresh mind. I put it on, saw myself in the mirror and totally pictured walking down the aisle and heard my song playing in my head. That was it. My mom was right (again, damn you) and we canceled the rest of our appointments for the day and put a deposit on my lovely Nicoletta.