I love DIY, crafty stuff... I'd DIY my whole wedding if I had the time & money to do all the extras.. but I don't. There's a couple things I'm definitely doing (like invites) but I'm not sure what else yet so I'll post stuff along the way as I come up with them.


So the original plan was to send STD magnets to the out of town guests (which is the majority of the guests.) One night I spent several hours coming up with an idea and designing the two options below (pics are from our venue.) I was super excited, just had to choose between the two designs. Suddenly, over the next few days, it came to my attention that everyone from out of town already knew the date, place, and was planning out their vacation already. Soooo essentially, I had no reason to waste the money on the magnets but since I thought they were cute, I figured I might as well share them somewhere :)

The Unveiling         ....        of the INVITATION

I don't even want to remember how long these invitations took to make. I started sometime in October or November making a couple sample invites and playing with different colors of paper.

After deciding on the perfect design that I LOVED....  I got to work purchasing all the supplies. I was supposed to start working on putting the invitations together (printing, measuring, cutting, taping, etc) but it all seemed so overwhelming that I got hardly any of it done throughout Dec and Jan. February finally came and I realized that I HAD to get down to business. Joey came to my rescue and was such an amazing help with taping all the layers of the invites and inserts. He literally saved me hours of time! By February 23, we had all our invites done and out the house!

75 Invitations:
  • 3-layer invitation of metallic purple textured backer, grape purple center, and off-white linen-texture face
  • With ink-jet printed text and hand-stamped vine designs
  • Four 3-layer inserts with rounded sides: RSVP , Guest Info, Night Before, Morning AfterAll set into tri-fold pocketfolds
  • Finished with sage green belly band with an embossed grape design
  • Enclosed into an opalescent envelope