morn·ing - af·ter: a period of time when the after-effects of self-indulgence from the previous evening are felt; often cured with a deliciously greasy burger and a can of Fresca

Oceans 234

Join us for Mimosas & Brunch on the Beach

For Easter Sunday, we're inviting our close family members and friends for brunch at Oceans 234. Nothing is better than a beautiful cool morning on the beach so this restaurant is perfect because we'll be set up on the patio overlooking the ocean. After breakfast, everyone can just hang out and enjoy the beach for the day.

Ya, I know, I'm a buffet whore ... don't judge me
Salad ~ Fruit Platter ~ Applewood Smoked Bacon ~ Rope Sausage ~ Home Fries 
Oceans French Toast ~ Classic Eggs Benedict~ Western Shroom Scramble
Mimosas ~ Bloody Marys