The Rings


Our rings are from Helzberg Diamonds. Joey originally picked out the diamond solitaire engagement ring there. When we went to look for a new setting, the one I fell in love with happened to be at Helzberg. And so it only seemed fitting to look for our wedding bands at Helzberg as well.

His - Artiste by Scott Kay Valiance Brute Cobalt 7mm V-cut band.



Hers - 14kt white gold contour band with 1/3 ct diamonds. Custom millgrain design on the band, about 1/4-inch on either side of where the diamonds stop so that it lines up with where the diamonds stop on the band of my e-ring.

The Face

Pictures from the trial with Claudia ...
love her and love what she came up with.


The Hair

The Veil


The Shoes


I searched high and low and my mom ended up finding the shoes, figures.

I wanted cute shoes with some kind of design to them. I originally wanted purple but figured if I couldn't find purple ones I liked, then it would be gold.
I also wanted heels but not too high. And I have wide feet so I couldn't have any narrow shoes otherwise my feet would die after trying to wear them all night.

Found these at Rackroom Shoes and they were PERFECT! They are a muted gold color and sooooo super comfortable AND inexpensive. It's like they fell out of heaven for me!

The Night Before

For our cocktail reception, I found a cute dress at JCPenney and shoes at Rackroom. Total spent = $80 ... not too shabby!

The Morning After