budg·et : a way to go broke methodically

   For me, the hardest part about wedding planing was trying to create a budget. I didn't know how much anything costed. I had no idea that average costs of weddings varied so greatly based on where in the country (or even state) you lived. I had no clue what was realistic and what wasn't.
   So when Joey and I started going over how much we thought was "realistic" to spend on a wedding, part of me thought it was crazy and we should just elope. Needless to say, when I actually started researching vendors and getting deeper into planning, I realized how much our "realistic" budget was not even close to what we would actually end up spending. So many times, out of sheer frustration, I just wanted to cancel the whole thing and spend the money on a nice vacation or a down payment on a house.
   I decided I might as well share an overall approximation of costs from different vendors I requested info from to give future brides an idea of how much things may cost.Please, please, please note: The prices may or may not be current and they are just averages or minimums to give you an IDEA of how much different things MAY cost. I also did not requisition the cheapest or most lavish vendors, therefore this is not realistic of everything that is available, don't let it scare you off :)

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