We're finally getting married...

We've been together for 7 years and have lived together for 5 so we pretty much feel like we're already married. This wedding will essentially be an eating and drinking fiesta to "make-it-official" and celebrate us continuing our lives together.

Once the wedding planning began & I became absorbed in the SoFla board on the knot, I saw everyone's lovely websites and decided I wanted one too. Then I realized it might be too much work and I didn't know if I'd have the time to get this together and keep it updated.

But of course, as I started getting into more planning, I realized I had 4 million ideas, pictures, notes, websites, etc, etc, etc, scattered among
1) a wedding binder
2) my laptop (which is in the middle of dying)
3) Joey's laptop (which works, but must remain plugged in because the battery charger doesn't work) and
4) our new little netbook (which I'm slowing hating because it starts to hurt your eyes when your staring at such a small screen for so long.)

And so, it just made sense that I'd actually save time by creating the site to organize all my most recent thoughts, ideas, and plans and be able to get to it from anywhere.

I also realized that I'm putting a lot of time into ideas, details, and stories about us and our wedding that might be nice to look back at one day. So after the wedding, my project will be to print parts of the website and put it together with pictures and such to create a scrapbook of the whole wedding, not just the day-of that passes by in the blink of an eye, but the planning that leads up to it as well.


3/13 - It has been a BUSY past two months. We had our Second E-Session; booked our Honeymoon, Transportation, Linens, & Chairs; Had a Makeup Trial, Dress Fittings, & Food Tasting; Joey picked his tux; & most importantly, the invitations were sent out.
We only have a few details left to take care of! Take a look around the site, I pretty much updated every page with current info & new pics.
1/14 - Picked up our rings the other day; so exciting! Also met with and put a deposit on the florist - Natinel Floral Designs [Rave Reviews] - Nellie is wonderful so I'm excited to work with her. Not to mention, we've got 99 days to go!!!! CRRAAZZZZYYYY!
12/16 - Booked our officiant and ceremony/cocktail musician [Rave Reviews]. Also purchased our weddings bands, yay! from Helzberg Diamonds. Pics are in [Details>Glitz & Glam].
11/20 Registries at Crate&Barrel and Bed, Bath&Beyond are done. Also picked up our toasting flutes while at C&B [pic in Details>Little Things]. Working on invitations, signing an Officiant and deciding on the ceremony musician now. 
10/31 - We had a busy weekend! Had our cake tasting and picked our flavors and design with the baker. We also signed with our videographer - two checks! I posted preliminary reviews for both under [Rave Reviews] and I gave details about the cake under [Details>Sweet Treats.]
10/14 - Posted pics from our first engagement session [Story of Us>E-Session Pt 1] as well as updated the review for our photographer. I also found one more pic from our venue so I added that to the [I Do] page.
9/27 - Dress has been ordered! Pics are under [Details>The Dress.] Also posted a review about the Bridal store under [Rave Reviews.]
9/23 - Going on another dress shopping trip on Saturday. 2 new stores and 2 stores to re-try 2 of my top dresses so far. I posted my top 3 under [Details>The Dress.]
9/7 - Finally put everything together for the website :) I plan on updating continuously so I'll post what's new when I add things.

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